Electric Fireplace Insert

It used to be that you could only have one type of fireplace that would burn wood. As technology has advanced so has the means for which we are able to fuel a fireplace. Now we have the ability to use electricity to give us the desired look we wish to have. These are known as electric fireplace inserts.

These inserts are designed to fit inside of your existing wood burning fireplace. They use lights, mirrors, and electricity to simulate the look of a log burning fire without actually starting one. This gives you the ambiance you want without Electric Fireplace Insertall of the heat and allows you to use it throughout the whole year.

When purchasing these inserts you want to find something that looks real even if you know it isn’t. the minimum you should expect to pay is $200 – but it is possible to spend as much as $500. If you can try to test the brand out before you go through with your purchase.

This will help you to see how the flame looks and how it moves around. This is the hardest thing for the electrical fireplace insert to simulate – but it is the most important thing.

Along with the illusion that can be seen you must find something that will emit the expected crackling sound that any real fire would make. People are going to know right away that it is fake when they see a flame and are not able to hear it. Most home improvement stores will have demo fireplaces set up for you to observe.

Not only do you want the electric fireplace insert to simulate a real fire – but you want it to have a great design around it. This will help to give you a look that you are able to enjoy and that will match well with the home you are in. you also need to find some helpful features that it will have. These features will allow you to adjust the amount of heat you will feel and how large or small the flame will be.