Iron Fireplace Doors

Sometimes trying to use a glass door in front of your fireplace is too boring for us. Instead we want something that is not only durable but will help to create a great look in our home. Iron is a very common metal that is used to design fireplace doors for exactly this reason. They are quite versatile because they will be designed with just the iron or along side glass.

Iron fireplace doors are a great way to turn your boring fireplace into something that looks beautiful and helps to bring Iron Fireplace Doorseverything in that room together. people who love to have a more natural – but elegant design will prefer the iron glass fireplace doors. These are built with an iron trim around the framing and to edge each door.

The two doors are designed with beveled glass – which id durable enough to handle the heat from the fire. The glass is usually very simple looking with no special colors or designs on it. These are the more expensive designs and will cost around $500.

The portable doors are the more popular iron fireplace doors that people will use. These are designed to be either light or dark and will sit directly in front of the fireplace rather then built into its. Some are designed to be very simple looking and to use mesh rather then glass.

The more ornate types of iron doors have a unique design to them with neither glass nor mesh on the panel. The iron is used throughout the whole door and not just the trim. These will cost between $100 to $500 and may be as simple or elegant as you would like them to be.

Each iron fireplace door that you use will help to complete the look of your fireplace. These are some of the easiest to clean and usually only require light dusting. They help to provide a very rustic, traditional, or elegant appearance to any home.