Fireplace Screen Doors

The purpose of the fireplace door is to help protect both the fireplace and the people living inside of the home. When it is not being used it keeps any ash, soot, and debris from being blown or pushed into the room and to keep young children from trying to play with it. It also helps to adorn the fireplace when it is not being used.

Behind the door is usually a screen that is used to protect the carpeting, pets, and anyone who is sitting near it from the sparks that are flying and trying to get out. Many of us would prefer to use the door as a way to provide us with even more protection. This is especially true for families with small children.Fireplace Screen Doors

One of the only way that you will accomplish this is to use a fireplace screen door. These may be built onto a special track in the opening of the fireplace or will sit directly in front on the hearth or on the floor if there is no hearth.

The screen door that is fixed to the fireplace is designed with glass panels that will alternate with a mesh screening. This allows you to take look at the roaring fire and to enjoy the heat from it as well. Many of these doors are designed to be lightweight, sturdy, and built with a square tubular frame.

These can be as simple or elegant as you would like to be and will fit any size fireplace that you have. While the door is firmly secured to the opening when the kids are not around you can easily open the two door on the front to keep the fire going and enjoy it more. These will cost around $200 to $500.

Your other option is to purchase a simple fireplace screen door that sits directly in front of the opening. These are designed to be straight or to have three panels. One panel sits directly in front of the fireplace and the other two are situated to cover any open sides that would otherwise be exposed. These can be easily moved to the side when you start the fire – but most kids will not think to move it in order to reach the fire.

For even more protection you will have the option to purchase the three panel fireplace screen door that has two doors on the front of it. This will sit in the front on the floor or on the hearth and is designed with a steel trim. These doors will cost anywhere between $20 to $300.