Fireplace Glass Doors

There are many different types of fireplace doors that you are able to choose from. These are used in the place of screens. One of the more commonly used are fireplace glass doors. These come in a variety of designs that range from frosted to stained glass.

There are two reasons why people will use these types of doors in their homes. The first is because they help to provide a layer of protection between their curious child and the ash within. They cannot be left closed when the fire is on – but Fireplace Glass Doorsit will keep them from throwing toys or sticking their hands into the dirty fireplace. The second reason they use them is because they are very versatile and help to decorate almost any type of fireplace.

These fixed fireplace glass doors are installed into a track that is set in the top of the opening. These doors give you the option to keep the fireplace closed off when it is not being used and will easily open when it is on. To keep your little ones from opening them you can purchase a door guard – but this cannot be used when the fireplace is on. These fixed doors cost between $200 to $500.

Fireplace Shaker Glass Door

It is not a good idea to keep the glass doors closed when you are using the fireplace. Because of this you need something that sits behind the door which will protect you and your children from sparks that may fly out. A fireplace shaker glass door is an excellent design to accomplish this.

These are designed with a full view glass door that opens up like a cabinet would. Behind it is a mesh door that will protect you from the fire inside and the sparks that may fly out of it. Both the glass and the mesh doors are easy to install. The mesh is designed in such a way so as to screen you and to provide more efficient heat distribution. When ordering these you have to use exact measurements. These cost around $500.