Stone Fireplace Design

Stone fireplace designs are some of more versatile and the most durable. The stones that you use can be either natural or cast and come in various textures and colors. The type that you use will determine whether you are looking for something that is elegant, rustic, or traditional.

The most unique thing about this particular fireplace design is how unique it is. Though many people use stone to buildStone Fireplace Design the fireplace you will discover that there are no two alike. Two fireplace could be built with the exact same color and texture stone and they would still be very different from each other.

The most basic stone fireplace design is one in which the chimney can be seen and is built as a part of the wall. The chimney is also used as a surround for the fireplace because of how expansive it is. The fireplace mantel design is usually very basic and made with wood – which is great when set against a stone backdrop.

When using the more contemporary or rustic types of stone materials you have the option to use other materials like wood to design the mantel. Wood is the most affordable and the easiest to design. If you want a rustic appearance you can use a piece of wood that is not shaped perfectly and that looks like you just cut it down. Before putting it up though you can give it a dark finish so that it does not look too rustic.

The more elegant stone fireplaces are made with the more distinguishable materials like limestone and granite. Obviously these are the more expensive types – but they are very elegant. When working with these materials you will discover that their main quality is how much they weigh.

Because of this they are designed and built before being installed into the home. They are usually designed with a fireplace surround that connects with the mantel and is situated in front of the fireplace opening in the wall. These may or may not have the hearth.Limestone Fireplace Design

One of the best qualities of using a stone fireplace design is how safe it is to use. It is considered to be the safest and most durable material to use and will last twice as long as any other material. It is easy to maintain and only requires that you wipe it down every now and then and use another coat of finish on the surface every few months or years to keep it from getting stained.