Outdoor Fireplace Design

One would think that they would restricted in the materials and designs they could use for an outdoor fireplace design – but they have been mistaken because there are numerous styles, designs, and materials to choose from. Of course you will still have to build it so that it will comply with the local building codes in your area and use a design that is both safe and effective.

You are able to choose between a free standing design or something that is fixed into the patio. When building a fixed outdoor fireplace the more common materials to use are cement, stone, and brick. These are the most durable materials to use outside because they are easy to clean and have the ability to stand up to sun, rain, and even snow. Outdoor Fireplace Design

Each material will vary in price – which will be based upon the quality of it and how much you will need. If you wish to be creative you might even be able to use two different materials; one for the chimney and a separate one for the mantel and fireplace surround. These fixed fireplace should be situated at the end of the patio to leave enough room to build it all.

The most common free standing outdoor fireplace design is the chimeneas. This is a Mexican style design and one of the more beautiful to use for any home. This is best used for smaller patios or for people who do not wish to use something so large in their yard.  This is a type of chimney pot with a base that is in the shape of a bowl. It has one opening that is connected to the stack or the chimney. With this design the air will circulate into the fire and push the smoke out of the top of the stack.

With this type of outdoor fireplace design you will be able to use aluminum, cast iron, clay, or terracotta. The most durable of these are cast iron and aluminum. They are designed to stand up to the high temperatures and extreme flames and will last you for many years with the proper maintenance and will save you hundreds of dollars.

If you are not sure if you wish it to be free standing or portable then you should invest in the integrated outdoor fireplace – which can be either one. The integrated fireplace will usually come in an English, Southwestern adobe, Eastern brick, and traditional styles. This provides you with some flexibility and helps you to have the sophisticated look to go inside of your garden or to have something rustic in which you and your friends can drink and roast marshmallows.