Modern Fireplace Design

If you are someone who loves to set themselves apart from others and to make a bold statement than you should consider using a modern fireplace design in your home. These are very different from the contemporary design that we usually envision. When you are using a modern fireplace you are choosing to have something that is creative and used more for the aesthetic look it has rather then how it can warm up the room.

The most basic of these designs will be situated against the wall in the same way you would see a picture. These are fireplace inserts that are set up high enough on the wall where we can easily look at them – but so that no little hands can reach them. The majority of them are gas fireplace inserts. This makes them a whole lot easier to clean then the wood burning fireplace.Modern Fireplace Design

Some people will use the modern fireplace design and have it situated in the middle of the room. The base will be solid metal, stone, glass, or other sturdy material. Many of these types are wood burning – which means that they require some type of ventilation system. The chimney is an exhaust tube that hangs over the fire and is attached to tubing that will lead the smoke outside. These can be either open fireplace, meaning that there is no wall on any side of the fire as it burns, or it may be surrounded by a wall of glass.

One of the beauties about the modern fireplace design is the ability that you have to make it as small or as large as you want it to be. I have seen some that are no bigger then a walking stick and light on one single end. I have also seen others that are situated in one corner of a very long coffee table.

While there are many advantages to this design there are also many problems with it. Using modern wood burning designs can be dangerous when there is little to no protection surrounding the fireplace. When they are situated in the middle of the room many people believe that this is a fire hazard that will turn deadly quick due to the unusual ventilation system and the openness of the fireplace. With no screen or doors sparks that fly out could land on the carpeting and cause a fire.

It is best to use the electric fireplace inserts. This will use special electrical energy and lighting that simulates the look of a fire without all of the hazards. It does not generate any heat – but helps to create the perfect mood for any occasion. All you need to go inside some of these are simple stones or fire resistant logs.