Fireplace Mantel Designs

There are many parts of any fireplace design. One that we believe is the most useful is the mantel. This is the top shelf that sits directly above the opening of the fireplace and is used to help create a more unique appearance. When creating a fireplace mantel design you have to consider what it will be used for, what will be used to make it, and how large it will be.


While most fireplace are design with a mantel there are some which are built directly into the wall and have no hearth, surround, or mantel. There are two common ways in which you can design your fireplace mantel. The first is to make it Fireplace Mantel Designlong and to connect it to the surround on either end. This is used to frame the opening and is usually used on fireplace that have no visible chimney.

The other way is to build a long mantel that sits a few inches above the opening of the fireplace. These fireplaces do not have any type of surround and are attached directly to the chimney.


Essentially you can use any type of material that would be used to design the fireplace. Stone, marble, wood, and brick are all great materials. You can either make it the same as the fireplace or use a different material to help create a more dramatic look. Wood is the most common material used for the fireplace mantel design because it works in every type of home, meshes well with every other material, and is the most affordable of them all.


The size of the fireplace mantel is entirely up to you. In most cases people will always make it slightly longer than the opening of the fireplace. However, the width of the mantel will vary depending on how much room you have to work with and what you want to place on top of it. If you are designing a smaller fireplace try not to make it too thick or it will hang too far out.

Decorating Fireplace Mantels

There is really only one use for the fireplace mantel it serves as a place where you can hold decorations. When decorating your fireplace mantel design try to use the items that mean the most to you. People are drawn to the fireplace and will always want to see what you have sitting on top of it. Family photos, clocks, heirlooms, and decorative knickknacks are always great to use.

For some people who are trying to save space in their living room the mantel can have more use then this. When the fireplace is in the dead center of the room they will use the mantel to store their DVD player and cable box so that the television can be on the wall or the chimney above it.