Contemporary Fireplace Design

More and more homes being built today are using the contemporary fireplace design. This is a style that combines the traditional and more modern designs into one package. These have a great look to them. There are some that look more traditional and others that have a more modern feel to them.

The most common contemporary design to use is the traditional fireplace. With this design the fireplace is situated a few feet from the ground floor. The fireplace hearth – an area that separates the opening of the fireplace from the ground in front of it – is a place where people can sit to the fire. When using this design the fireplace will be flush against the wall where you cannot see the fireplace at all. The fireplace mantel is always good to have – but not everyone will use it.Contemporary Fireplace Design

When you are using a contemporary fireplace design there are many materials that you are able to use. The most common of these are stone, marble, and brick. Marble and granite are similar in appearance and the most expensive to use. These help to create a more elegant and sophisticated contemporary design in your home. They do require quite a bit of upkeep to help keep its sheen and elegance.

Stone is the next one down the list when it comes to price and it is one of the more popular. Though marble might be quite heavy, stone is durable and requires very little maintenance. If you want something that is sure to last for twenty years or more then this is the one you will want.

Brick is one of the least expensive materials that you are able to use – but it is not the most appealing. It helps to add a more rustic appearance to the room thanks to the dark color it comes in. However, most people who use the contemporary fireplace design prefer to stick with something that is bright and will help to open up the room.

When it comes to style the possibilities are endless. You can choose the more traditional looking fireplace that uses the mantel, surround, and hearth. The chimney can be exposed on the outside of the wall or if you do not have that much space you can build it into the wall and only use a small mantel right above the opening of the fireplace.

One of the more rustic types of contemporary fireplace designs are those that have the appearance of a wood stove. These are situated on four legs and are in the shape of a square or a trapezoid.

This design tends to be more traditional and is very sleek and smooth. It is ideal for smaller homes that do not have much room for the much larger fireplace. These wood stove designs often use cast iron because it helps to give it that rustic look and makes it more durable.