Brick Fireplace Design

If you have a rustic home and are trying to bring the design from your home to your fireplace then you may like the brick fireplace design. This is one of the most affordable fireplace designs that you are able to use although you will not have as much versatility with it.

Brick really only comes in dark colors – which is what gives it the rustic look. It is not uncommon for the fireplace to be very dark in color when the room it is in receives a great deal of natural sunlight. The trick to designing with brick is to make sure that you use the right one and that it is put together properly.Brick Fireplace Design

When you use the wrong brick material or if you did not get the dimensions right you will have a fireplace that might look a bit too traditional and out of date in your home. Trying to tear it down and fix it will cost you hundreds more dollars and more time and hassle than you bargained for.

If you have a larger home than you may want to design the chimney to be exposed and to run the whole length of the wall. This allows you to expand the fireplace and to create a more dramatic look for your home. The chimney will be tall and usually quite wide that it will act like the surround and it will travel smoothly down to the floor to create the hearth.

If you have a smaller home then you may want to use something that is lower to the ground and is built around the opening of the fireplace. If these are too small it will not use a hearth because it will make the opening much smaller. With these small brick fireplace designs you will have the option to use more then one material.

The back wall of the fireplace can be made with brick while the fireplace surround and mantelpiece can be made using wood or other materials. This part of the fireplace can be white, black, or any color that will help the fireplace to blend into the room.

There are many of us who love the look of a brick fireplace design – but do not have the money that is needed to build one from the ground up. The best way to save money without sacrificing the whole fireplace is to purchase one that is already made. These brick fireplace use gas to simulate the appearance and warmth of a real fireplace without all of the money and hassle. Though these do not have the same quality to them they are still effective and help to compliment any room.