Victorian Cast Iron Fireplace

The majority of fireplaces that are being built into brand new homes are the contemporary types. This is because these are the safest to use and ones that most people will enjoy. However, there are some who prefer to have a more rustic or even classic look inside of their home. They prefer to use a Victorian cast iron fireplace.

Cast iron is a well known metal that is used to design many things including outdoor fireplaces and classic wood burning stoves. It is also the first thing that people will look to when they wish to have a fireplace inside of their home that has a more traditional feel to it. These have the look of something that has been around for many generations without having the poor quality that comes with it.Victorian Cast Iron Fireplace

There is a big difference between a cast iron fireplace and a Victorian cast iron fireplace. The original is usually quite small and looks like something that came out of a log cabin. The Victorian design can be both large and small and has an elegance to it that helps to add to the look of the home.

This design can be both light and dark in color. If you have a small home then you will find it easier to have something that is light so as to brighten the room up and add more space. The whole of the fireplace is average sized (when compared to the contemporary fireplaces) and is given a surround, mantel, fire back bars, and grate. However, the space where the logs are held and where the fire burns is still small.

These are designed to be lightweight and will cost between $600 to $1,000. There are two ways in which you can purchase them; for functionality or decoration. Fireplaces are used by most of us to add warmth and a slight ambience to the room. While others use it merely as a piece of decoration. If you wish for it to be used you must connect it with a working ventilation system.

When picking the type of Victorian cast iron fireplace you must ask yourself how ornamental you wish it to be. These are a type of antiques and may be quite lavish with designs etched all around the mantel and legs. Still you will be able to find others that are more simple and will fit better in your home.