Cast Iron Outdoor Fireplace

Those of us who love to spend the majority of out time outside in the fresh air will do what we can to liven it up a bit. Designing a garden and a patio with the right furniture and accessories is a great way to start. One of the better additions to this is to purchase a cast iron outdoor fireplace.

Cast iron is a durable metal that has a rustic feel to it. This is what makes it perfect to use outdoors on the patio to help add some light and warmth during the cooler months. There are three main types that include the; chimnea, garden Cast Iron Outdoor Fireplacestyle, and fire pit. Each one of these designs are similar – but at the same time are quite different.  Learn what makes them unique and discover which one would be best for your home.


The cast iron chimnea is a Mexican design that is very common and best used for smaller patios and decks. The majority of these are built with a long neck that extends out of the top of the fireplace to help vent out the smoke. There are some units that will allow you to remove the neck and use it to grill hamburgers or roast marshmallows. These will cost around $300.

Garden Style

The garden style cast iron outdoor fireplaces are great to use in the garden. Many of these have been designed to be used as a fireplace, oven, and grill. The design is quite rustic and eye catching and comes with a removable top that will cover the grill when you wish to use it as a fireplace. It is built with heavy cast iron construction and may be used at campsite, gardens, and other recreational areas. These will cost around $400.

Fire Pit

For some of us simple is better because it is easy to know what to do with it. The cast iron fire pit is going to be the most affordable and have the most basic design to it. It is built with a solid base and is grated all around. It is designed with either a square or circular base. The main function of this particular one is to provide light and warmth and costs around $200.