Cast Iron Fireplace Accessories

In order to effectively use your fireplace you must have the necessary accessories. This includes the fireplace tools, screens, grates, and grills. Not all of these are necessary to use for your cast iron fireplace. For example if you wish to use a screen then there is no need to have the grille or vice versa.

Cast Iron Screen

The cast iron fireplace screen is one of the more popular accessories that people will use in front of their fireplace. Cast Iron Fireplace ScreenThese are designed in many ways to match a variety of fireplace designs. Some may have a cast iron trim with a glass front to it. While others may be designed completely with cast iron. These screens will cost around $80 to $100.

Cast Iron Tools

Every fireplace needs tools that are used to maintain the inside and outside of it. These are situated on the hearth, attached to the screen, or next to the fireplace. Even if the fireplace is not actually being used people will still purchase tools to go alongside it in order to complete the design of it all.

Cast iron tools are some of the best to purchase because they are durable and will last for years. They also have the perfect look to go alongside any fireplace that you have. They usually come in a set complete with a shovel, broom, poker, and tongs that cost between $50 to $100.

Cast Iron Grate

Another accessory that you can choose to use is the cast iron fireplace grate. This is designed to be used specifically for cast iron fireplaces and will help to absorb and radiate the heat from the fire. The grate is placed inside of the bottom of the fireplace and is used to hold the logs or coal. With this you will make it more efficient at heating your home These cost between $80 to $100.

Cast Iron Grille

When you have a cast iron fireplace you will have the option to use a screen or a grille. The screen is best used for the larger sized fireplaces and for people who actually want to look at the fire as it burns. The grille will cover the majority of the opening of the fireplace. This helps to keep to distribute the heat through the home. These cost between $100 to $150.