Antique Wood Fireplace

Although technology has transformed this world from a conventional to contemporary setting, still we want to do the things we love in an old fashioned manner. Especially during cold and winter days our fireplaces are always on duty to provide warmth and heat in our very homes. There are a lot of modern fireplaces nowadays such as gas fireplaces but doing the chopping of the logs and making fire on your own can really be fun and enjoyable. That’s why firewood fireplaces are still in style, and an antique wood fireplace is never out of date.

An antique wood fireplace is a great enhancement and adornment in one’s home. Aside from the classical ambiance it brings, they give solitude and a warm haven that excites your senses and brings your mood in place. To have an antique wood fireplace is not a headache. You can always accessorize your fireplaces with decorative and beautifully-designed fireplace accessories. You don’t need to change and replace your fireplace but you can make it antique and bewitching with simple touches. Here are some accessories that you can supplement your fireplaces for it to look antique but with elegance:

Classical log holder/coal baskets – decorative log holders which are made from brass, steel or iron will make your fireplace more enchanting and this will emphasize the traditional way of using logs in fireplaces just like in the old times.

Vintage glass andirons - you can purchase this accessory in any fireplace shop. This is usually place above the fireplace and comes in different sizes and designs. Gothic –look andirons are also available.

Fire screens - serves as protection to your entire family since it prevents sparks from flying in to your floors. It will be more interesting for your fireplaces to have old-fashioned decorative fire screens. It does not only do the protection but as well as the beautification of your antique wood fireplace.

Register grate – a beautifully engraved grate that reflects the classic and past ages will bring and uplift the mood of your home. This can also extract the hidden beauty of your fireplaces.

Fireplace candelabras – embellish your fireplace with candle holders. Having the lights off and having the fireplace and candles lit is a romantic getaway for couples and as well as for families. A good conversation is always coupled with a good and beautiful atmosphere.