Antique Stone Fireplace

The stone fireplace was an evolution of the erstwhile fireplaces that were created before they were appreciated for the decorative value they provide at our homes. Antique Stone Fireplaces are usually from the former grandeur of old mansions and stately homes, then they are resold to buyers to fit in their abode. These fireplaces were removed and cleaned thoroughly, coated and polished.

Types of Antique Stone Fireplaces

There are many antique stone fireplaces which exhibit the majesty of Roman, Gothic, Greek, Edwardian and other exquisite styles. There are others which yields a traditional atmosphere. When you plan to have one installed, you have to decide foremost what kind of feel you want to create in your home.

Several kinds of stones may be used in making stone fireplace designs, among others, marble was and still is most popularly used. This is because of the materials’ variety of colors and the less amount of effort needed when using marble compared to the effort required when using other stones. Sometimes slate is used instead of marbles and are painted to replicate the latter. These stone fireplaces are often accessorized with stone mantels, antique fireplace screens and other antique accessories to harmonize and maintain the historical theme. Traditionally they were attached to the wall with steel-wire ties or hooks.

However, most of them are highly priced, just as any antique item sold in shops and stores. Manufacturers have learned to reproduce antique fireplaces, constructing and designing new fireplaces, making replicas of the genuine ones. You get the same effect of classiness and elegance at a cheaper price. This is often more preferred than restoration itself, because the latter often requires the buyer to spend more than the amount needed of getting a new one.

There is another facsimile of the Antique Stone Fireplace. It is referred to as Faux Antique Stone Fireplace. However, it does not require a chimney unlike the customary fireplaces that most homes have. This is exactly why some people prefer to have this type of fireplaces – because they can have the elegance and style without having the trouble of putting up a new chimney.

The most comfortable way of deciding what style of the Antique Stone Fireplace you would want in your home, is through the Internet. There are many websites advertising genuine, restoration and replication of Antique Stone Fireplaces which provides you a selection of varieties of Antique Stone Fireplaces. At the same time, you can also do additional research regarding your queries.