Antique Fireplace Tools

Antique Fireplace tools are needed to add an element of functional elegance of a fireplace. Well picked tools can augment the whole figure of a fireplace making it an aesthetically crafted hearth that can definitely be a focal point in any room or place. There are different kinds of fireplace tools and these come in numerous sizes and designs.

Screen, poker, tongs, shovels, brush, stand, and brooms are most of the tools and accessories needed for a fireplace. A screen is important for it keeps pets and children away from the fire. It also prevents glowing embers from landing on the carpeted floor. A poker is a short metallic rod having an insulated handle at one end and a point at the other intended for pushing burning materials. Tongs are used in picking up pieces of woods. Left cold ashes and dust from the fireplace and its surroundings are cleaned with the use of shovels and brushes. The stand of course is where the tools are placed when not in use.

Antique fireplace tools are designed with different finishes. The most commonly used are Brass, Marble and Black-polished fireplace tools. Brass fireplace tools embody elegant features aside from immense functionality. Most fireplace models easily match up with antique fireplace tools made of brass for it shows a combination of traditional and contemporary design. Tools made of this material exhibit durability, eye-catching finish such as brass plated, antique brass, polished and black and brass finish which are made even richer by its color.

Fireplace tools made of marble are opt for their strength and resistance against erosion and fire. As for its look, it compliments a fireplace well by adding sophistication and style to its totality. Marble has always been one of the top choices of the elite when it comes to antique fireplace tools because of its simplicity. The material is not only easy to maintain and clean but it also provides a wide assortment of classic style. Marble tools come in cream, gray, red, green and most of the time finish of light and dark patches.

The hand-forged details of most black-polished antique fireplace tools put in a great sense of class to the d├ęcor. Classic elements and striking style twists are very noticeable in black-polished fireplace tools. Often, they are accented with broom cap, satin nickel on the handle and round galley rail and have either rectangular or circular base.