Antique Fireplace Mantels

The Fireplace is where people go to for warmth – as a family, a group, a couple or even when just alone. The mantel does not only enhance the appearance of a fireplace, but also the atmosphere of the whole room. Often, it is also used by owners as a place for displaying awards, collections, arts and other decorations.

There are many types of mantels to choose from, but there are also many things to take in consideration before choosing your mantel. Just to mention a few, you need to consider the whole house, most especially the room where your fireplace is located, the atmosphere you want to obtain and the prices as well.

The Antique Fireplace Mantel gives your house a historical aura. This type of mantels is usually associated with mansions and palaces, now you can have it at your own home. You can purchase this type of mantels at a local architectural salvage store or yard. They are usually part of old stately homes, historic manors and castles.

Antique Fireplace Mantels weren’t structured for the fireplaces that we usually have today, so you may still need to adjust their dimensions once you buy them. Most mantles are too big for the standard fireplace so there will be a need to have them cut. Bringing with you the dimensions of your fireplace as you search for the right mantel to put in your homes, would be a wise idea.

Prices may vary, of course, depending on the material and state, however it is the mantle’s history which gives a mantel greater value. Buyers are ready to pay large amounts for a mantle with a striking history.

If you think Antique Fireplace Mantels sold in shops and stores are too expensive, an alternative is restoring one. Mantel Restoration can help you save a lot of money, however, make certain your antique fireplace mantel passes the building and fire code.

The primary types of mantle materials are stone, antique, wood and cast stone. Wood is a prevalent choice when making fireplace mantels because it is cheaper than the others, however stone is considered to be the most versatile. It can be used to create various styles from modern to pastoral.

Accessories for your mantel should harmonize or complement the classic theme that you are trying to have. You can put antique collections like bottles and sculptures. Mirrors can make the illusion of having the room appear bigger than it really is. So if you think that the room seems crowded, you can have one installed.

It is important that you do lots of research so you can make sure the mantel you will have is what’s best for your home.