Antique Fireplace Inserts

Fireplace inserts are used mainly to increase the efficiency and appearance of an already existing fireplace. Having a fireplace insert installed can transform your occasional source of warmth in your home into a more convenient supplemental zone heater. However, it can come far beyond that if yours is not just any ordinary fireplace insert but an antique fireplace insert. Not only it will make an effective heating system, it will also add a historic, aesthetic feel into your home.

Different antique fireplace inserts have various designs depending on their function and the period in which they were created. There are fireplace inserts for bedroom, inserts that are tiled, Cast Iron Surround, Slate Surround, Arched, wooden, marble, tiled combination, medium combination and large combination antique fireplace inserts. Some of which are the following:

A Scotia Antique Victorian Fireplace – this antique fireplace insert from 1885 insert epitomizes the Victorian era. It has a height of 39 ½ inches, fireplace width of 29 ½ inches, 30 inches fire opening height and 18 inches fire opening width.

A Victorian Cast Iron Fireplace Insert – coming from 1895, the insert is designed with lots of details and atypical embosses posing a Greek-styled fireplace. Its shelf measures 40 inches, 42 ½ inches for its fireplace height, 30 inches for the width, 28 ¼ inches for the fire opening height and 15 inches for the fire opening width.

Edwardian Tiled Combination Fireplace Insert – the antique fireplace insert features an urn having swags as well as a striking set of original tiles. It has a shelf measuring 44 inches, the fireplace height of 51 ½ inches, fireplace width of 33 ½ inches, fire opening height of 34 inches and fire opening width of 24 inches.

Other antique fireplace inserts include the Art Nouveau Bedroom fireplace insert, an Art Deco Bedroom fireplace insert, Arts and Crafts Tiled Combination fireplace insert, original Victorian, Victorian Hobgrate and Edwardian Bedroom fireplace inserts.

Types of antique fireplace inserts like these can be categorized into two; direct vent and natural vent. Direct vents are those systems which have sealed combustion. With this type, heat is efficiently distributed throughout the place while maintaining the quality of the indoor air by taking in the negative air pressure and combustion air coming from the outside thus, lessening heat loss. Natural vents are fireplace inserts that use a masonry chimney or pre-fabricated metal chimney. Indoor air is used for combustion and by means of a flexible liner installed within the chimney, the exhaust is brought outside.

An important thing that you should know about antique fireplace inserts as well as the modern ones is that they amplify the efficiency of fireplaces up to 80%. So they’re a great investment no matter whether you’re after a modern or traditional design.