Antique Fireplace Door

There are many parts to a fireplace that you have to consider when you are trying to design and create the perfect fireplace for your home. Beyond all of the important parts which include the hearth, mantle, and surround – you must also consider the other smaller parts. One of the most important part is the antique fireplace door.

The door is something that is often able to be used on most types of fireplaces. It is used when in place of the fireplace screen or the antique fireplace front. The antique fireplace door is used for two reasons.


One of the most important reasons that people choose to install the fireplace door for their antique fireplace is for protection. Most of these types of doors are made with glass giving people the ability to look inside of it when possible.

Though it is too difficult to keep the door closed when a fire is going it is able to close slightly and keep little finger out of it. When it is not being used it is able to be kept closed in order to keep children from playing in the ash.


The second reason that people choose to use a door on their antique fireplace is to help decorate it. There are many different styles that you are able to choose from that help to add to the appearance of the fireplace as a whole. One of the best types that you are able to use are the glass and stained glass fireplace doors.

Just make sure that you keep this antique fireplace door clean when it is not being used. Glass is the most common material used to make the door and we all know how easy it is to smudge. A simple glass cleaner should help to keep the fingerprints off and keep it looking like new.