Antique Fireplace Accessories

Antique fireplace accessories help to add accent in our home that is already full of interesting antiques. Antique fireplace accessories can add a whole lot of interest to a home that is decorated in a modern or contemporary style. Basically, time and style influence was transcending by antique fireplace accessories. They go well with many different styles of home décor.

Many different antique fireplace accessories are available. Consider the andirons, fireplace screens, fireplace tool sets, and other antique fireplace accessories. An Andiron adds a lovely touch to any fireplace! Make your fireplace even more beautiful by adding andirons. The andirons will most compliment your heart and your home. A set of antique andirons or fireplace tools by the side of the hearth can add a visual touchstone to anchor the design and meld other smaller touches throughout the room into a cohesive homage to the Art Deco, Georgian, Elizabethan or any other design style that tickles your fancy.

Fireplace accessories are often what “make” the fireplace. Think of how much style you can add to your fireplace simply by adding just one or two fireplace accessories, such as a fireplace tool set or a log rack. The majority of fireplace accessories are very useful because it helps you keep your fireplace clean and safe, but they can also be quite decorative

One of the most effective ways to express the period atmosphere is with an antique or reproduction antique fireplace and hearth. Fireplaces have always been the central point of any room, and they have often reflected the style and design of the period when they were built. From the simplest brick hearths to ornate cast iron fireplace inserts and surrounds, antique fireplaces can imbue the entire house with the essence of a bygone age.

If home features an existing antique fireplace that needs repair and restoration, you’re lucky. You won’t have to go traipsing through salvage yards and showrooms to find your accent – its right there in your living room. The dangers caused by carbon monoxide and fire make this a job for a professional who can inspect the grate, hobs and chimney for safety as well as style.

If you’re in the market for an antique fireplace, you’ll find a healthy handful of salvage yards that specialize in the removal and preservation of period fireplaces, fireplace surrounds, hearths, mantelpieces, inserts and accessories. A complete period fireplace can set you back as much as $2,500, depending on materials, rarity and condition. It’s possible to bring a hint of antique warmth to even the most modern rooms without replacing the entire fireplace.