Antique Brass Fireplace

A fireplace is built to not only for its primary function but also to deliver an elegance that can enhance the look and feel of your home. Fireplaces are no longer just for burning of wood to generate heat. Antique brass fireplaces are very popular, as they are crafted with a unique look and appeal. They are available in many designs form shiny to rustic finishes.

Brass has an innate stylish features, thus, it carries out great functionality. Antique brass designs are very beautiful and it can easily match other decor in the house. Though the design may be antique, brass as the material represents an efficient combination of traditional style and contemporary design. Solid brass is said to be the most traditional one. Antique brass fireplaces also exude great value due to its elegant color, great finish, and durability that can last for a long time. They also place burning fire in a different level as they add up a feel of elegance and style.

Caring For An Antique Brass Fireplace

Like any other fireplaces, antique brass fireplace is also prone to accumulate dirt, it is very important to maintain its cleanliness so that it will not lose its luster. Creosote, a tartar like-matter brought about by combustion, can also build up in the chimney. This dirt should be cleaned properly to avoid possible hazards. The fireplace itself and its accessories should also be cleaned regularly to get rid off of soot, ashes and ash left by burning wood.

Proper cleaning products should be used to avoid getting scratches on the surface of the fireplace. Two specially designed products are brass cream and brass polish. Brass creams are created specifically for large brass surfaces which cannot be easily cleaned with a liquid cleaner. The cream is simply applied and then wiped off with a wet cloth.

Another special cleaning product is brass polish. The polish can come is liquid form and can be rinsed with water after application. If such cleaners are not available, ordinary home materials could also be used. A toothbrush and Worcestershire sauce can be employed to keep the brass surface shiny. The parts of the fireplace must be scrubbed to maintain the surface of the antique brass fireplace shiny and clean.

In general, an antique brass fireplace should be properly maintained. Ducts should also be checked to ensure that the protective linings are still in good condition. Keeping the fireplace cleans would not only help it last longer but it also helps to make the fireplace appear more presentable to visitors.