Wood Burning Fireplace Accessories

When buying a home people are going to be picky and choose something that has all of the amenities and features that they love. They will be living in this house for many years and they want to make sure that they will enjoy every moment of it. Having a wood burning fireplace is usually at the top of everyone’s list.

These fireplace help to create a certain type of ambience and warmth during the cold season. When it is not being used it still serves as a centerpiece for the room and something that you can base your decoration and theme around. To help make the fireplace more effective and looking great you have to have the necessary fireplace accessories.

Fireplace Log Holder

If you plan on using the fireplace then you will need to have a fireplace log holder sitting next to it. This wood burning fireplace accessory will hold the logs that you plan on using to help start a fire. It is a type of basket that is usually made with cast iron or other type of metal and is designed to hold several logs at one time. These will cost between $30 to $100 and are able to hold both real wood and the quick burning logs you purchase from the grocery store.

Fireplace Screens

A fireplace screen is an absolute necessity for anyone with a wood burning fireplace. This is used during the summer months to help decorate your fireplace. During the winter months it is used to keep any sparks that try to fly out from landing on you or the carpet and furniture it is next to.

These fireplace screens are designed with either beveled glass or iron. The most common of these are built directly into the opening and have two glass doors that pull open. The free standing screens are designed to sit directly in front of the opening and can be easily moved aside when you are using it. If you have young children you can keep it in front and use them as a barrier. These can cost as little as $12 or as much as $400.

Fireplace Tools

In order to be able to use your fireplace you have to maintain it. Without the proper care ash and debris will buildup and make it filthy and useless. There are fireplace tools that you should purchase which will help to take care of these problems. They are usually sold in a set that includes a broom, poker, tongs, and a shovel.

These wood burning fireplace accessories will cost between $20 to $250 and will often come with a special stand that they will sit inside of. While these are used to help care for the fireplace they also serve as decoration and are situated directly beside the hearth.