Gas Fireplace Accessories

If a wood burning fireplace is too much hassle for you to use or the one that you have is damaged, then the next best thing would be to have a gas fireplace. These can be inserted into the wood burning fireplace or can be purchase pre-assembled. In order for it to be most effective and to look great in your home you need to have the necessary accessories that go with it.

Gas Fireplace Screen

Every fireplace should have a screen sitting in front of it. This is used as an aesthetic piece for when you are not using it. It is also a kind of protection and a barrier between curious children and whatever is inside. These screens can be attached to a track along the opening or can be placed directly in front of it. They will cost between $200 to $400 and come in glass or iron.

Gas Fireplace Logs

Gas fireplaces use natural gas or propane as their source of fuel. Unlike wood burning fireplaces these do not require the use of wood or newspaper to keep the fire lit and burning for hours. All they have to do is turn the gas valve on and off. However, without any logs the fireplace would like quite bare and unnatural. That is why people will purchase gas fireplace logs.

These logs are made using fire resistant resin, wood, or cement. Each one are designed to imitate the look of real wood and will create flames that look real and seem to move around. These are environmentally friendly and create around 50,000 BTUs of flame patterns.

These gas fireplace accessories come in a set of six hand painted logs that sit over what appears to be glowing embers. There are two types of logs that you are able to purchase. Some are required to be situated in a gas fireplace that has a flue or chimney that is working. Others are designed merely for show and may be used in ventless fireplaces. Each of them will cost around $100.

Gas Fireplace Lava Rocks

Most of the gas log sets that you will purchase for your fireplace will come with a certain amount of lava rocks. These are used to decorate the firebox in both the LP and natural gas fireplaces. Over time you will need to spend money to replace these ‘glowing embers’ and to help create a realistic looking fireplace. A five pound bag of gas fireplace lava rocks usually costs around $10.