Fireplace Mantel Accessories

Not everyone who has a fireplace will have a mantel piece attached to it or sitting a few inches above it. However, I believe that they should. This is one part of the fireplace that is necessary because it helps to complete its appearance and it gives you a chance to add your own personality to it.

The fireplace is considered to be the centerpiece in the room. The moment someone walks into your living room they will be drawn to it and will begin to look at the fireplace mantel accessories or decorations that you have set up. There are many different things that you are able to use and it will all be based upon what you like. We have provided a few ideas for people who are not sure what to do with it.


It may seem odd for some people to place candles on top of a fireplace – but these are some of the best accessories to use. Be creative in the type of candles that you use and try to pick a comforting and sweet smelling scent for the room. The best types of candles you can use are the candelabras. This is a long accessory that will hold five to six votive candles at one time. These usually cost around $60.

If this is too much for you then you can spend around $20 to $30 on only a few candles. Choose a color that you like and which will look good in the room. Now choose three or four candles in that color which are different sizes. When you place them on the mantel you can stand them up in descending order or in a random order.


Your home is the place where you can truly be yourself and show everyone who visits what your style is and who you are. The best way to do this is to display your favorite photographs. It is not uncommon for people to place photos of their wedding, children, and other special people on top of the mantel. If you truly wish for the fireplace to stand out then you can spend $100 to $200 and use a digital picture frame that will create a special slideshow.