Electric Fireplace Accessories

When we think of a fireplace we imagine a roaring fire that we can sit next to when the snow is falling outside. There are some of us who do not live in a climate where it snows half of the year. That doesn’t stop us from wanting the warmth and aesthetic appeal that is can bring to a room. Instead of having something that you can only use once or twice a year why not replace it with an electric fireplace.

These will simulate the appearance of a traditional fireplace without actually having to worry about all of the heat. It uses special technology that gives the illusion that there is a real fire inside of it and some will allow you to control how much heat is coming from it. But in order to pull this look off you have to use the right accessories.

Electric Fireplace Logs

The most important accessory you will need to purchase right after you have picked out your electric fireplace are the logs that will go inside of it. These are similar to the gas fireplace logs. These are made from wood, resin, or other fire and heat resistant materials. They are hand painted to look like birch, oak, pine, and other wood species and will cost around $60 for a whole set. One set is usually made up on six or more logs.

All you have to do is purchase the type of wood that you would like to use and place it on the grate inside of the fireplace. The more affordable logs will glow and give off the look of a real fire. The more money you spend on these the more features you will have. Some are able to provide the sound of the flame and will generate heat – which is controlled by you. These often cost closer to $300 to $500.

Electric Fireplace Screens

A screen is not necessary to use in front of an electric fireplace because there are no sparks that are flying out from it. There are two reasons why you should get a screen for this fireplace. The first is to give it a more unique and natural look that will help to tie everything in the room together.

The second reason is to keep any toddler or curious children out of the fireplace. These will generate heat and just like an oven they will burn themselves if they touch it. The fireplace screens can be as low as $50 and will help to put a barrier between the fireplace and your child.